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neoWave C

The neoWave C Interbody System combines the benefits of the neoWave lattice structure and NANOACTIV surface with a large range of implant sizing to provide surgeons a formidable solution for addressing a variety of patients' anatomy.

  • Patented 3D printed lattice design
  • Edge-to-edge uniform porosity
  • Repeating internal waveform structure
    • Decreases device stiffness
    • Evenly deflects compressive loads
    • Designed to withstand impaction forces
  • Proprietary NANOACTIV surface technology
  • Sterile packed implants

    The neoWave matrix has been shown to increase endplate contact surface area and resistance to subsidence compared to a similar device containing framework and/or traditional anti-migration teeth1.


    13mm x 12mm

    15mm x 12mm

    17mm x 13mm

    19mm x 14mm



    5mm - 12mm

    (1mm increments)






    NANOACTIV Nanotechnology Surface

    The NANOACTIV surface has been engineered with nano-scale features which have demonstrated the ability to elicit an endogenous cellular and biochemical response as represented by differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells through the osteogenic lineage and production of a mineralized matrix in vitro4, as compared to an untreated surface1. The NANOACTIV implant surface demonstrates elements to be considered a nanotechnology, as outlined in FDA Nanotechnology Guidance document.

    Surface Enhanced

    Structurally Advanced

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